We provide medical help outside Hatzalah-serviced communities.

The revolutionary Hatzalah Statewide program can dispatch members throughout the world.

Medical Emergency While Traveling?

If this ever happens, here's what you can do.


First, call 911. Give the operator all the information they need. Once safe to do so, hang up.


Then, call the Hatzalah Statewide emergency number OR your local Hatzalah emergency number. 


The dispatcher will send the closest Hatzalah responders to your location to assist until 911 arrives.

How It Works

If any Hatzalah Statewide member is in close proximity to the location of your emergency, that member will be dispatched to the scene. Statewide members will stabilize the patient, advise the patient and family and assist local EMS upon their arrival.

Hatzalah Statewide is the result of a collaborative effort of many people from cities worldwide. Over 500 medical professionals are members of Hatzalah Statewide. 

Three extraordinary coordinators have been named to oversee operations:

Simcha Shain
Paramedic Coordinator, Hatzalah of Central Jersey

Bentzy Friedman
Coordinator, Hatzalah of Essex County
Avi Aboud
Coordinator, Hatzalah of Jersey Shore

In the event of a medical emergency when out of town, first call 911. When the 911 operator allows you to hang up, then call your hometown Hatzalah number or Hatzalah Statewide directly at 201-613-1111.

May Hashem protect all of us from harm!

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Use the form or email for non-emergency situations. If an emergency, use the number below.

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